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February 2010

2010 Newspaper Ad Revenue is Fool’s Gold

February 28, 2010

Tweet You heard it here first! Political pundits and financial officials are now telling us that the recession is coming to a close. They say that the worst is over and that businesses are going to start making money again soon. It is inevitable that the local newspaper industry will latch onto this news and […]

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Can Crowd Sourcing Work for Local News? The Power of Community

February 21, 2010

Tweet As you know, the purpose of this blog is to answer the question, “What would the local news business look like if it were invented today?” And we are asking you to contribute to this blog, to critique and to add to our ideas in order to create a new business model for local […]

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Whatever Happened to Email? That’s Why Local News Needs to Go Hybrid

February 14, 2010

Tweet At 7:30, this Sunday morning, I was begrudgingly awoken by a plaintive and incessant beeping coming from a distant room in my house. It turned out to be the very last of our land-line portable phones, the sole survivor of our family’s slow conversion to complete reliance on cellular. We hardly ever use it, […]

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Who Reads Local Newspapers, and Why?

February 7, 2010

Tweet As we started to go into in our first post, the question we want to answer with Civic Edition is: What would the local newspaper business look like if it where invented today? If we were to forget everything that we know about how local newspapers have worked in the past and build a […]

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Welcome to Civic Edition

February 1, 2010

Tweet Local newspapers are facing an uphill fight against unique market forces and the emergence of new internet media. With more and more people getting the bulk of their news from internet sources, the local newspapers are beginning to find it impossible to stay afloat by simply selling subscriptions or advertisement space. And unfortunately, few […]

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